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Ask Me Anything...

You have obviously reached this page because you've got questions for me. I LOVE answering questions. It's always my goal to give you my perspective based on education and experience so that I can hopefully help you. Feel free to ask about:

  • Health, Fitness or Wellness
  • Recovery, Overcoming Alcoholism or Addictions
  • Topics covered on social media or podcast
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, etc.
  • Book or product recommendations 
  • Or anything else related to Personal Transformation

So fire away....


Be sure to let me know where your questions are coming from so I can answer them in the proper place for you:

  • Podcast questions to be answered on air
  • General questions to be answered privately
  • General questions to be answered publicly on social media, blogs or anywhere else. I will always send you a link to whichever platform that it's answered on.